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VIRTUAL Edition due to COVID-19

2021 Scholarship Application & Video Information for requirements here.

Lever Harp

Jean Malyon Award for Grade 4 $300
Grade 6 $300
Grade 8 $300
Grade 9 $400
Susana Remenyi Memorial Award for Exceptional Talent on Lever Harp $250

Pedal Harp

Grade 6                                           $300
Grade 8 $300
Grade 10 $400
ARCT $600
Judy Loman Award for Exceptional Talent
in Performance/Composition on Pedal Harp

Prizes made possible by a grant from the American Harp Society, Inc. and by
generous donations from Robert Judge, Judy Loman and Maureen Pecknold.


Memorization of repertoire is highly advised and will influence marks awarded.
Any questions or concerns regarding music should be directed to the 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Candidates must provide music for the jury.


  • In order to receive a scholarship in any category, the top score must be the equivalent of an A grade.
  • In the case of a winning tie, the scholarship will be split.
  • The judges will consider whether the contestant's age is reasonably appropriate for each category when making their decision as to the winner.
  • Scholarship cheques will be made out to the winning candidate.